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Vodafone NZ – The Reasons for Its Signal Failure
22.03.2017 17:18

To start with let’s first speak about a few historical facts referring to the Vodafone NZ mobile network operator. Vodafone New Zealand is a highly popular telecommunications company based Auckland, in New Zealand. The company is a subsidiary of the London-listed Vodafone Plc and was founded in 1998. Vodafone NZ is the country’s largest cell phone operator and has main offices situated not only in Auckland but in Wellington and Christchurch as well.

There are a few important facts in this mobile provider’s historical development that make its owners proud. First of all, Vodafone has invested millions of dollars for the improvement of 3G network in the urban areas of New Zealand. The company was also the first in the country to develop the 4G LTE network, not speaking of the high quality of its 2G network.

Due to so many advantageous features listed above Vodafone NZ boasts a great popularity among the residents of New Zealand having over 2.3 million customers nationwide. It seems like there could be nothing that would hinder the “perfect reputation” of this mobile provider however there appear to be certain places in New Zealand, more of them are rural ones situated far from the base stations of this mobile network operator, where the connectivity of the Vodafone signal becomes weak thus resulting in negative feedback of the customers. But we should mention once again that in the above mentioned situation the mobile provider has very little or no fault.

To prove our statement, let’s have a look at all the reasons that cause signal problems in different parts of New Zealand. After that judge yourself whether you should keep blaming Vodafone NZ for a bad signal or simply purchase a Vodafone signal booster and enjoy the strong connectivity anywhere around the country.

So, the reasons for weak connectivity are as follows:

  • Bad Weather Conditions: Obviously, no one can control the weather and make it better and sunnier. Bad weather is one of the reasons that might cause weak connectivity and signal loss. This means that if you are living in a place where storms happen very often then you might as well be facing the problem of weak signal and dropped or interrupted calls. But this is solvable as soon as you install a cell phone signal booster. There are phone boosters for all major mobile carriers but as long as we are speaking about Vodafone, then to be more precise, as a subscriber of this mobile network operator you would need to make a purchase of a Vodafone signal booster NZ. Signal boosters have a very easy structure and can be easily set up by anyone – all you need to do is just read the manual carefully. The installation is a matter of 15 minutes. The moment you switch this device on you will get a 5-bar signal in your house, office, car or boat regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Rural Areas: Mobile network providers, as a general rule, avoid founding base stations in rural areas because of the fact that the latter are not densely populated unlike the urban areas. Placing a cell tower costs a lot of money and it might happen to be disastrous for a business if it is erected in a place from where there might be no benefits and “payback” because of the small amount of customers. This is why, we highly recommend you to simply install your own small “base station” in your office or house i.e. set up a Vodafone signal booster and enjoy good connectivity all year round. With cell phone signal boosters there will be no more missed and interrupted phone calls some of which might have been very important from different aspects of everyday life for you.
  • Construction Building Material: There are certain construction materials that are, in simple words, non-signal-friendly and if you happen to be in a house or building that is made from any of these materials you might have to hang from the window or rush outside so as to have a strong signal and not to miss any calls. These materials are thick concrete, lead which is often seen in old churches, fiberglass and some others. This problem has two ways out: either you should build your office, house or any other building the owner of which you are all anew by breaking down the old one or you simply install a cell phone signal booster and get a 5-bar signal no matter from what material your house or office is constructed. The first option sounds very unrealistic and a bit ridiculous which means that the right choice is, of course the installation of a booster – fast, easy and effective!
  • Urban Non-Signal- Friendly Areas: In big cities where it seems the connection is perfect and you can’t have any missed or interrupted calls because of a weak signal, it still turns out there are certain urban areas that do cause weak connectivity. You might notice this when driving through a tunnel, or while being in the underground. But if you have a cell phone signal booster installed in your car then you can freely talk on the phone while passing through a tunnel.

As you can see, all the above mentioned reasons for weak connectivity are not because of your mobile carrier’s low quality services but rather are “natural phenomena” and can be overcome with the help of these “magic” devices we call cell phone signal boosters.



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