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Vodacom network repeater-the most effective way to enlarge Vodacom network coverage in South Africa
04.04.2017 15:37

Nowadays, a cell phone signal booster still represents the most optimal device to deal with weak mobile signal perception.  According to a number of surveys recently conducted among mobile users in South Africa have shown that today, a certain number of mobile users are still exposed to mobile signal connection problems including dropped calls, mobile signal disruption, signal disconnection and others. Generally such problems occur because of poor mobile signal connection that is why a network signal booster is largely distributed among mobile users in ZA. A cell phone signal booster is a special device that is applied in order to amplify current mobile signal and distribute the mobile signal coverage into areas that get poor services. Basically, a network signal booster operates in the following way.  The entire system generally consists of three basic parts:  an external directional antenna, a mobile signal amplifier, and an interior antenna.  The external directional antenna is used to collect the cellular signal, which is later transmitted using a cable to the mobile signal amplifier, and then the amplified signal is transmitted to the interior antenna which retransmits the boosted signal into required areas. The more advanced types of amplifiers enable several cell phones to use the same repeater at the same time. Due to effectiveness and convenience these devices are in high demand in South Africa and other parts of the globe.

 There are two general types of mobile boosters or, as they also sometimes called mobile signal repeaters. Analog signal boosters are the most common models of mobile repeaters. This type utilizes traditional technology to amplify (generally) all frequencies from mobile network carriers. These models are basically supplied with a kit of external antenna and cable. In most cases, such boosters require an installation. They area also called BDA units (Bi-Directional amplifiers). The other type of signal amplifiers is smart signal boosters.  Smart signal boosters represent a new category of signal boosters. They apply powerful all-digital baseband processors to clean the mobile signal before distributing the amplified signal.  Most of these model are highly powerful, as they are able to provide a gain of 100dB while analog boosters have gain of 50-70dB.  Smart signal boosters are usually more expensive than traditional analog boosters.  Most of the time, they are carrier-specific, that is they are specifically designed for certain mobile networks as for instance a Vodacom signal booster designed for Vodacom mobile network.  The Vodacom is one of the major mobile network operators not only in South Africa, but also in other African countries including Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique and others. Although Vodacom is considered to provide one of the most reliable mobile networks in ZA, that doesn’t exclude the possibility of certain mobile signal inconveniences.  Many users claim they cannot constantly sustain a reliable network connection. There are some areas, which are not able to provide a strong reception due to a number of different factors. Of course, some assume that such problems are due to network itself, but in most cases mobile connection problems are conditioned by certain circumstances that can be controlled or regulated by the mobile network operator.



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