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Mobile Repeaters UK: The Main Mobile Providers in the UK
01.03.2017 12:40

There are a few high-quality and popular mobile providers in the United Kingdom that are widely used by people. And though each of them provides high-standard connectivity in different coverage areas, there always remain certain locations that will result in you having interrupted calls and low signal.

Mobile signal boosters UK offers you a wide variety of choice among cell phone repeaters due to which you will be able to find a signal booster designed exactly for the mobile provider that you are using. You can choose the mobile repeater not only according to the mobile carrier you are using but also depending on the size of the area you need to cover, on its type i.e. whether it is a flat, a cottage, a large house with a garden, an office, a car, a boat or any other building or vehicle.

Here are the main mobile providers used in the UK. As it was already mentioned, you can find a signal booster that fits the carrier you are using. Let’s dive in into the topic deeper:

  • EE Signal Boosters: EE is a British mobile network provider founded in 2010. The carrier started providing 4G services from 2012. As of 2016 the mobile network provider is considered to be the largest 4G operator in Europe and keeps expanding its coverage areas and the number of its customers on a monthly basis. Having so much popularity among customers due to the high-quality services that the carrier provides it still can fail to ensure that you don’t face the problems of missed or interrupted calls in certain areas around the UK. The reasons for malfunctions do not have to necessarily be blamed on the network provider rather those are in a sense natural phenomena that cause the low connectivity. If you are driving in a car to rural areas surrounded with hills and mountains, or worse, you live and work in such a place then missed calls are something to be expected. Bad weather conditions, constant change from one place to another on a vehicle – all these things cause connectivity issues and this is not the fault of your EE provider. But in our tech-era this problem also hasn’t remained unsolved – all you need to do is acquire EE signal boosters. They will release you from all the dropped calls for good. Buy an EE signal booster and enjoy the smooth connectivity with your relatives, friends, employers or employees anywhere and anytime!
  • Vodafone Signal Boosters: Vodafone UK makes up a part of the world-famous telecommunications services provider Vodafone Group. The company keeps expanding its coverage areas and is considered to be the 3rd largest telecommunications network in the United Kingdom after EE and O2 with a noticeably large amount of subscribers, more precisely, with over 18 million users. Vodafone UK provides its subscribers with high-quality signal in its coverage areas and in case you have come upon any issues regarding the connectivity level of Vodafone network then you are probably located in the “wrong” area for a strong signal to reach. Here is when Vodafone signal boosters come to the fore to save the situation. These boosters that are designed specially for Vodafone subscribers will “catch” the weak Vodafone signal and boost it by means of the amplifier into a stronger signal thus making sure you have a high level of connectivity and “smooth” phone conversations.
  • O2 Signal Boosters: Here is another major mobile provider aimed at fulfilling the “mobile network needs” of the British people. O2 is the 2nd largest mobile telecommunications services provider in the UK after EE Limited and has long proved to be carrying out a customer-oriented policy. Its large coverage areas and its high-quality signal enlarge its “audience of subscribers” day by day. However, as is the case with all mobile carriers, here too you can’t avoid stumbling upon the problem of low connectivity level in non-signal-friendly areas. But as soon as you purchase an O2 signal booster you’ll forget about the above mentioned issue forever. These signal boosters are meant exactly for O2 mobile network users and will boost your low O2 signal regardless of the location you are at. All it takes you is to buy the right booster according to size and frequency and install it correctly.
  • 3 Signal Boosters: The last telecommunications provider worth mentioning here is the Three UK established in 2003 and provides 3G and 4G services. Its connectivity is of no less quality than the one provided by the previously mentioned carriers. What refers to the areas where the subscribers of the Three mobile carrier don’t get good signal and miss calls of fatal importance then you simply need to install a 3 signal booster at the required place. The installation of the booster is utterly easy and will take up about 15 minutes. After that you can enjoy the high-quality connectivity regardless of where you are – simply choose the right mobile booster that’s compatible with the place you need it set up as well as its size.

Signal Booster UK will release you from all the inconveniences caused by interrupted or missed calls and ensure you have high-quality signal and connectivity anywhere and anytime. You can even have boosters in your vehicles such as cars, trucks and boats and stay connected even when driving to faraway places or being out on the sea. Choose wisely and enjoy the high-quality signal boosted by our mobile phone signal boosters everywhere in the United Kingdom.



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