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Enhance the quality of your mobile connection in Ireland by using a mobile phone signal booster
22.09.2017 15:05

Why to apply a phone booster?

In spite of the fact that mobile technologies have reached the high progress, unfortunately, a certain number of mobile users in Ireland still claim that that they frequently face some mobile signal perception problems. It is generally false to view mobile signal connection problems as a disadvantage of a particular network provider, as a number of conducted studies deduced that mobile signal perception problems are possible to occur among all mobile operators in Ireland. Nowadays, such problems can be successfully solvedby using a mobile phone signal booster. This device can be also another calledas a mobile repeater, and is used for amplifying the quality of mobile signal perception. Today, a mobile phone booster is in high demand among mobile users in Ireland. It is generally conditioned by the weak network coverage in certain areas, and the extensive scale departure from the land-line system. A mobile phone signal booster was firstly elaborated in the USA more than 15 years ago, when the Federal Communication commission in the USA has approved the implementation of boosters in order to elevate the quality of mobile signal perception mobile signal among mobile network operator across the country. Very quickly, the device has turned out to be very effective   for improving the quality of mobile signal connection. Generally, the system of a mobile phone booster consists of three basic components: an outside antenna, a mobile signal amplifier, and the inside rebroadcast antenna.

The outside reception antenna is situated in the area that receives a current mobile signal, the antenna receives   current mobile signal and transfers it to the mobile signal amplifier, where the signal is enlarged, then the enlarged signal is transferred to the inside antenna, from where it is distributed to areas with weak mobile signal perception, or areas that do not have mobile signal at all. So, we can say that signal booster is developed to enhance current mobile signal and enlarge the mobile signal coverage to certain areas.

Frequently, the quality of your mobile signal connection directly depends on your location. For example, in certain rural areas the housing density is too low to build a new base station as it is very expensive procedure. In such situations it is not likely that the network provider will do something to improve the quality of mobile connection as again building a new tower is extremely expensive. In this respect, the most effective way to get high quality of mobile perception is applying a mobile repeater. The other factor that also is able to effluence the quality of mobile signal perception is building size. Big constructions as hospitals, warehouses, or factories frequently have no stable mobile signal further than several meters from the outside wall. This situation is also relevant to underground areas. That is why, when purchasing a mobile booster, you should take into consideration the size of the area that requires further coverage and the layout, as  these features  will determine which amplifier and inside antenna you need to purchase. Another factor that can lead to weak mobile signal connection is multipath interference. Even in cities, where the signal is generally stable, there exists some dead zones caused by destructive interference.


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