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Applying the Uniden Cell Booster to Permanently Solve Mobile Connection Problems
26.04.2017 18:12

With the advances in mobile technology, all mobile network providers constantly implement new innovations to improve the quality of mobile network connection. However, today, it is still early to declare that certain mobile connection problems cannot occur. According to statistics, every third from mobile users in Canada face such unpleasant situations as dropped calls, mobile signal interference, and poor mobile internet connection at least several times a week. In this respect, a cell phone signal booster is in high demand in CA. Generally, the above mentioned mobile connection problems occur due to weak mobile signal perception.  The cell phone signal booster represents a device that was directly developed to address the problem of poor mobile signal perception. A mobile signal booster or as it also called a cell phone repeater is not able to create a mobile signal, but it amplifies current mobile signal and spread the amplified signal coverage into areas with weak mobile signal perception, or where the signal is generally absent. A cell phone signal amplifier has been available in mobile market for more than 10 years already. It was firstly elaborated in America, where after detailed analysis of the problem, the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) has approved the use of mobile signal boosters to extend the range of cell networks into areas which get weak service, including homes, commercial buildings, offices and more.

A cell phone repeater, as the device is also called, operates on a very simple principle. Generally, the entire system consists of three parts: an external antenna, a signal amplifier and an inside antenna. The outside antenna captures current mobile signal and transfers it to the signal amplifier, where the signal is boosted. From the signal amplifier, the enlarged signal is passed to the internal antenna, from where it is spread to required areas.

  The problem of poor mobile signal perception is relevant to all mobile network operators in Canada. In fact, it is not the problem of mobile network provider as some mobile users think. In the majority of cases, it is not a mobile network operator to blame, because there are a number of uncontrolled conditions which can be regulated by a mobile operator. For instance, within such a reliable and recognized mobile network provider in Canada as the Uniden certain mobile signal problems are still possible. That is why many Uniden mobile network users use a specific Uniden cell booster to enhance the power of mobile signal perception. The Uniden cell booster represents a new modern category of Smart signal boosters. This type of boosters applies powerful all-digital processors to clean the mobile signal before distributing the enlarged mobile signal. Generally, smart signal boosters are carrier specific, which means that there are different models for different mobile network operators. Such models are also considered to be more powerful in comparison with traditional models (analog signal boosters). They are capable of providing from 75 to 100 dB in gain as for example the Uniden cell phone booster, while analog signal boosterы are able to provide until 70 dB maximum. The Uniden cell phone booster is also perfect for ensuring stable mobile internet connection.

 There are different causes that can have a certain impact on the power of your mobile signal. When it comes to poor mobile signal perception, there are two major contributing factors: distance from the nearest cell tower and obstructions resulting in interference. It is known that carriers provide mobile signal coverage through a network of strategically placed cell towers. Optimally, when you are situated within the mobile network area, your mobile phone will automatically connect with the nearest tower, and as you move, it will switch between towers. However, sometimes due to certain reasons, some cellular towers are placed far from each other. Thus, when you reach the edge of one tower’s coverage boundaries and there is no tower in immediate area to connect with, the power of your mobile signal perception is likely to fall down.  This situation may lead to dropped calls, and mobile signal disconnection.  



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